This is a piece of film music I wrote in Varna, Bulgaria in July, 2016. It was recorded by the Varna Philharmonic Orchestra at the Varna Bulgaria Radio Recording Studio. 

This is a shortened version of the same piece. 

This is a song I wrote and recorded in 2003 with a trio I was playing with in New York called Plan A. It appears on our second album 'Second Circle' and features Josh Maxey...guitar, EJ Fry...drums and Rob Woodcock...bass. The song is about NYC. 

This is a short piano piece I wrote, also in Varna. It was meant to be used as film music and convey a peaceful, pastoral mood. Performed by Dimiter Fournadgiev

This is a chamber piece for flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, cello, guitar, marimba and accordion. Also from Varna it was meant to have a driving, folk-music feel to it. Also performed by members of the Varna Philharmonic. 

I wrote this tune for the Jon Frank Quintet in 2015. It appears on our record 'Syncopated Strut' and features Noah Frank...trumpet, Eli Malawan...tenor sax, Dave Gibbons...piano, Rob Woodcock...bass and Jon Frank...drums. It's about a street in Oakland. 

This is an arrangement of a ballad I wrote in 2001 and originally recorded with Plan A in 2003. This version was recorded with a band called Outhead in 2006. It's from our first record 'Quiet Sounds for Comfortable People' and features Alex Weiss...alto sax, Charlie Gurke...baritone sax, Rob Woodcock...bass and Dillon Westbrook...drums. 

This poem is called “Fault”, by Dillon Westbrook.